Give the Gift of Hope for the Holidays

“It’s just the flu,” Ryan's mother told herself, but within hours, Ryan was rushed to Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.
That was the beginning of a journey Devon and her family never expected to take. Suddenly, and without warning, they were thrust into the most frightening experience of their lives. Their little boy was sick - very sick - with a brain tumor - with cancer.
And if it wasn't for the generous support of our family of donors, donors like you, Ryan may not be here today playing baseball and dodgeball, hanging out and playing with his brother Logan, and enjoying the holidays, happy, healthy and cancer free.

Children like Ryan are admitted to Rady Children's every day. And as the pediatric population of the region continues to grow – more and more children will come to rely on the life-saving care of our Hospital. This is why we urgently need your gift today – so we can continue to provide the latest and most effective treatments to all children who come through our doors.

Your generous donation will help us to invest in the most advanced medical technology, fully outfit our new cancer center, improve our programs and facilities and continue to fund vital research into childhood disease.

Please take a moment to give a gift of Hope for the Holidays by making an online donation now and increase the odds of survival for all critically ill children in our community.
And your donation will be doubled by a matching gift from a generous donor, brightening the lives of children just like Ryan and doubling your kind support. It’s easy to see how $50 or $100 can make twice the difference when every dollar is matched!



“When you don’t know whether your child is going to live or die…all you have is hope.” Devon O’Dell (Ryan’s mother)     

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