Kids Helping Kids

What is Philanthropy?  Philanthropy is giving of your time, talents and treasures for the common good. Here at Rady Children’s, philanthropy is used to help sick and injured kids. We count on philanthropy to provide important services, programs and equipment, and to ensure that every child gets the care he needs. Watch our video to see philanthropy in action.

What Can You Do? You can make a difference in a child’s life by getting involved – and there are so many fun ways to help.

Get Your School Involved:

  • Penny wars
  • Dance marathon
  • Walk-a-thon, Hoop-a-thon, Read-a-thon
  • Craft fair
  • High School Senior service project
  • Donate proceeds from ticket sales/opportunity drawing/food sales from a show or event (talent show, American Idol event, karaoke event).

Plan a Fundraiser:

  • Lemonade stand – real or virtual
  • Bake sale – real or virtual
  • Rummage sale – get your family or even your neighborhood involved.
  • Sell hand-made jewelry or personal artwork.
  • Sell your song on iTunes.
  • Sell homemade items at a Farmers market.
  • Birthday party – instead of gifts, ask your guests to make a donation to Rady Children’s in your honor – you can turn your special day into something really special for sick and injured kids. Our online tools make it super easy! MORE

Become a Junior Miracle Maker:  If you raise $500 or more, you can become a Junior Miracle Maker and enjoy some really cool benefits. Learn more about our Junior Miracle Makers program.

Join our Shamu & You Family Walk: Your family can create a walk team and recruit friends to join you at this fun, family-friendly event. Learn more.

More Ways:

  • Save a portion of your allowance each week.
  • Offer your services – babysitting, pet sitting, washing cars, mowing lawns – and donate a portion of your earnings.
  • Recycle – collect cans, bottles and other recyclable items and donate the funds to Rady Children’s.

What Philanthropy Means to Me

Here’s what some of our former patients and kid philanthropists say:

“My favorite part about the Race (Max and Jake’s Big Race) is that I can help kids going through the same thing I went through.”  Max, age 10
“Impact – Inspiration – Giving – Community – Social – Good – Charity – Mission”  Taylor, age 12
   "Do something nice for someone each day."  Austin, age 14
  “It's when you’re putting your whole heart into giving and showing the warmth and guidance of caring and charity and so many giving qualities to the unfortunate, the sick, the poor, the traumatized, the lost."  Kammie, age 18
“Philanthropy means to me that you are bettering the feelings of the patient, through passing kind words, or even donating to them a simple gift. It creates a whole different feeling about hospitals when people care about your welfare, and see that the patient is going through a hard time."  Sarah, age 16

Remember, we’re here to help you help kids. Call us any time with questions at 858-966-5988. 

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"No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted." Aesop, Greek fabulist


"Be kind; it is hardly ever the wrong thing to do." Anonymous


"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something." Author Unknown


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