Mission, Values & Vision

Our Mission

To work in partnership with Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego and to
support its mission through advocating for the health and well-being of
children, increasing community awareness of Rady Children's, and

Our Values

Commitment and Reliability

■        We are dedicated to the fulfillment of our Mission Statement.
■        We believe that following through on tasks is important to our 
■        We hold ourselves accountable to achieving our organization’s 

Open and Effective Communication

■         We believe that it is important to have an informed membership.
■         We want all members to feel free to voice their opinions and to 
           participate in the decision-making process.
■         We are committed to open dialogue between Units, the Auxiliary 
           Board, the Hospital and the Foundation.  


■         We believe fun and friendships are an important part of the 
           Auxiliary experience.
■         We encourage cooperation and support of the extended Hospital 
■         We believe in establishing positive working relationships and 
           partnerships within the organization and in the community.  


■         We are receptive to new ideas and understanding of different 
           styles and abilities.
■         We are proud of our diversity.
■         We respect the need to balance personal obligations with 
           Auxiliary responsibilities.

Positive Reinforcement

■        We take pride in our Units’ accomplishments and in the 
          achievements of all our members.
■        We congratulate each other for our successes.  

Personal and Organizational Integrity

■         We admire honesty and integrity in all things.
■         We are patient and cooperative with our fellow members.
■         We follow our stated values.

Our Vision

The Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary has strong connectivity
within and between our units and utilizes technology to enhance
and strengthen these relationships. Using our comprehensive
marketing plan, our Auxiliary continues to grow membership to
represent all communities served by the Hospital. Training and
skill development throughout the Auxiliary supports the effectiveness
and growth of our leaders. Advocacy continues to be an active focus
of our Auxiliary. Fundraising incorporates innovative methods to
achieve our annual financial goals. The structure of our Auxiliary
reflects our changing environment while supporting our ongoing
mission and encourages members to participate based on their
interests and passion.

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