Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown has devoted a good portion of her life to supporting Rady Children’s: tireless volunteer, fundraiser extraordinaire, Board of Directors Chair and Charity Ball chair – the list goes on and on. And now Barbara has ensured that her tradition of giving, giving and giving some more will continue well into the future. Barbara has graciously decided to include Rady Children’s as benefactors of her estate, thus joining the Hospital’s distinguished Legacy Circle. Members of Legacy Circle are individuals who have generously planned for Rady Children’s in their wills or trusts, or have made other form of planned or deferred gifts. Deciding to become a Legacy Circle member was an easy choice for me because Rady Children’s holds such a special place in my heart,” Barbara says.

“It gives me real joy to know that I’ll be able to keep giving to the Hospital through my estate. Barbara herself holds a special place in the heart of Rady Children’s Auxiliary, staff and executives. A Children’s Circle of Care member since 1996, she is known for her warm and caring demeanor, always ready at a moment’s notice to step in and do whatever it takes to help organize a party, lead a fund drive or host fellow Auxilians at her Point Loma home.The most rewarding thing about devoting time and energy to Rady Children’s is seeing a young patient smile again after a life-saving surgery,”

Barbara says, “and the appreciation that child’s parents show to the doctors, nurses and staff who’ve helped them through the tough times by treating them with respect and dignity.   Like other Legacy Circle members, Barbara wants to ensure her devotion to Rady Children’s pays dividends of love and care for many years. And for that we are truly grateful.

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