“Just how easy is it to be a new Miracle Maker? All you have to do is ask?  Like any good Auxilian, I hit up my family first! I challenged my kids and their friends to become Miracle Makers. I asked them to look outside of themselves (always a challenge for teenagers!), to give something back to the community. To my pleasure they said okay!

I began to tell them how easy it was to become a Miracle Maker and also added the incentive that they would be the first teenage group to do something like this. They were undaunted. They were M2! I told them they needed to raise a minimum of $500 over a year’s time. Why not make the goal $1,000, they said. So on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, they invited some of their friends to a planning meeting. What would they do to raise this kind of money?

“They decided to have a backyard movie night. One of the parents generously donated a brand-new Dell computer as an opportunity drawing incentive and away they went. They requested $20 per person for an opportunity ticket and approached friends and family for outright monetary donations! Gotta love that! Ross Fledderjohn and Ryan Smith took on the task of co-leaders, making flyers, planning the movie night and inviting friends. On a wet, blustery night in November, we hosted 28 teenagers in our living room! Each one paid out of their allowance or personal stash of cash. You have to give these kids a lot of credit.

“Sure, they were really just coming to hang out with their friends, but when we gave them some basic info about Rady Children’s, they sat quietly and listened. ‘You can each make a difference in the lives of kids who have to go to the hospital,’ I told them. ‘How many of you know someone who has been to the hospital?’ Every hand went up. ‘Did you know that over 143,000 kids go through the doors of the Hospital every year?’ ‘No way’, they said. ‘Did you know that they use over 167,000 BandAids?’ We gave them simple pieces of information they could understand and relate to.

“I’m proud of these kids, because when asked, they said yes. Their willingness to try something new, for the benefit of others, speaks to their character. M2 raised just over $1000 on their first adventure and are planning on another movie night – during the summer! So, just ask.”

Sue Fledderjohn

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