Abby – Giving in Max's Memory

“Last year in May, we met and participated in the Celebration of Champions with the Carmel Valley Unit's sponsor child, an incredible 7-year-old boy named Max who was fighting recurring neuroblastoma.  Abby, our 7-year-old daughter, had the pleasure of hanging out with Max before his race.  They colored, made paper airplanes and eventually ran together in his relay.  It was a very special day.  Unfortunately, Max lost his battle with cancer on August 31, 2008.

“Our family was deeply affected by this news and our hearts ached for Max's family and their incredible loss.  When Abby heard the news, she immediately wanted to help children like Max and decided to donate $20 of her allowance to Rady Children's. 

“Abby wanted to make sure that the money she donated would go directly to helping children suffering from cancer and came up with this plan (with the guidance of Carmel Valley Unit member, Dyana Brown):

1) She would donate $20 of her allowance.

2) She decided to write a letter and draw pictures asking friends and family to match her contribution in the hope of raising $100 more.

“She worked on her efforts for several months and, not surprisingly, the donations came flowing in.  She raised an incredible $1,020, well over her $100 goal, and was thrilled to deliver her check to the Radiology Department at Rady Children's on Monday, January 5, 2009.  Over the course of her fundraising, Abby learned an incredible amount about the philanthropic spirit of both our friends and family, and herself.  This is one of those gifts that lasts a lifetime. 

“We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Dyana Brown for her guidance, to everyone who contributed, and to Rady Children's for recognizing her achievement.  She is thrilled to become a Miracle Maker for Rady Children's and has been shaping her new plans for further fundraising this year.  We are looking forward to seeing what she comes up with!”

Edith Smith

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