Vpartners is an employee-driven community outreach program that establishes ViaSat’s corporate commitment to give back in the neighborhoods where employees live and work. Through Vpartners, employees can invest in the community with the support of ViaSat. ViaSat’s giving guidelines match the company’s core values, specifically education and community service.

During the year, the Vpartners’ team asks employees to invite their favorite non-profits to an onsite giving fair. This has been very successful in two ways. First, some smaller non-profits get much needed exposure. Second, ViaSat employees can donate to as many organizations as they like, knowing ViaSat will match their contributions. Rady Children’s has been a favorite guest at ViaSat giving fairs. Many ViaSat parents know first-hand how important it is to have a first-rate children’s hospital in the community. For that reason, ViaSat is a committed supporter of Rady Children’s.

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