A History of Innovation

On June 10,1953, the first meeting of the Women's Auxiliary of Rady Children's was called to order by Mrs. Joseph Jessop. The new Board of Directors adopted its first purpose: "to promote the welfare of Rady Children's by interpretation of the Hospital to the public, through service to the Hospital and its patients, and through fundraising in a manner satisfactory to the Hospital governing Board and in harmony with the planning of the community." It was, to say the least, a very ambitious group of ladies

From the very beginning, Auxilians searched for new and innovative ideas to help the new Hospital flourish. In its first year, membership grew from five to 500!

And it was during this time that many Auxiliary fundraisers, such as the Honoring and Remembrance Fund, first came to life.

Early projects, such as the Thrift House and the Fair, have evolved into a wide variety of creative and inspiring events for Auxiliary Units and Miracle Makers.

Funds raised for the Hospital surpassed $100,000 during its first four years. In 2009, the Auxiliary raised more than $5 million.

While events and membership opportunities have evolved, the Auxiliary's mission has not changed since that first statement of purpose adopted in 1953. The fulfillment of that mission has enriched the lives of countless people, whether they are the patients who need Rady Children's services or the Auxilians who helped to provide them. The Auxiliary continues to be dedicated to ensuring that Rady Children's will provide the very best medical care for our community’s children.

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