Miracle Makers

Whether you’re part of a large corporation or a small community organization, you can become a Rady Children’s Miracle Maker.

It’s fun and creative. And it’s profoundly important.

What is a Miracle Maker?

Miracle Makers are individuals, clubs, businesses or groups of friends who hold fundraising events for Rady Children’s, raising at least $500 annually.

Your enthusiasm and commitment will make your fundraising efforts truly shine, building a spirit of giving among friends, family and co-workers. And we’ll help you develop your ideas.

There’s No Limit to How You Can Help

You don’t have to be a big corporation to make a big difference. By raising $500 a year, the impact you have on research and patient care is real. Plus, you’ll be helping us spread the word about the important work that happens here at Rady Children’s every day.

Miracle Maker events range from bake sales and dance marathons to huge corporate events and golf tournaments, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can even create your own fundraising page to share your story with others. Setting up a page is easy. You don't need technical skills, just creativity!  Click here and get started today!

For more information, please call Rady Children's Hospital Foundation at 858.966.5988 or email miraclemakers@rchsd.org.

You will help a child. And that is a very special kind of miracle.

Share Your Story

If you've made a gift to Rady Children's, fundraised or volunteered for the Hospital, we'd love to hear your story. By sharing it, you'll be helping us inspire others through our website and other publications. Send your story to sborree@rchsd.org.

Become a Miracle Maker. It's fun and creative. And it's profoundly important.

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