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Fulfilling a Specific Need for Children

“Fund an Item” allows you to help kids in a very precise way; your gift goes directly to a program or service that has special meaning to you.

And special meaning to our patients, too. These items are often not covered by insurance and, yet, they remain indispensable to our mission of offering complete and compassionate care.

Psychosocial Services Program for Cancer Patients

Each year, more than 160 children are newly diagnosed with cancer at Rady Children’s Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders – the largest pediatric cancer care facility in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Every child who comes to Rady Children’s receives the highest-quality care – regardless of ability to pay. That same commitment to excellence extends to offering families the resources they need to cope when a child is diagnosed with cancer.

The team of clinical psychologists and Child Life specialists in our Psychosocial Program provides support, education and intervention for patients, families and staff. It is an important element of healing for the entire family. The average cost per hour for these services is $130.

Chadwick Center Trauma Counseling

The Chadwick Center for Children and Families is internationally renowned for its expertise in child abuse treatment and prevention. The Trauma Counseling Program is committed to treating the after-effects of a child’s traumatic experience.

This comprehensive program works to support the recovery of family members and improve their ability to support the child. Interventions include individual, group and family therapy. The staff’s expertise is in treating childhood traumatic events including neglect; physical and sexual abuse; sexual assault; domestic, school and community violence; and natural disasters. Trauma Counseling costs $193 per session.

Child Life Specialists

Amazing care extends far beyond actual medical treatments. Through the healing value of play and age-appropriate education, Child Life Specialists intervene with patients, siblings and parents to reduce the negative impact of stressful or traumatic life events and situations that affect the development, health and well-being of infants, children, youth and families.

Child Life Specialists work directly with a child who fears an upcoming procedure, explain what to expect when he or she wakes up after surgery, prepare siblings to enter the room of a brother or sister in the Intensive Care Unit, or help kids say goodbye to their brother or sister who is dying.

These services are not covered by insurance and rely 100 percent on philanthropy. The average cost to run the program is $252 per day.


NICU Transportation

Nothing can compare with the feeling of holding a child when he or she is first born, so you can imagine the pain of checking your baby into the hospital. Last year, this was the reality for families of more than 580 babies admitted to Rady Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Thanks to the medical excellence and caring staff in our NICU, premature babies who once had only a 20 percent chance of living now have an 80 percent chance for full and healthy lives. Rady Children’s Hospital Emergency Transport (CHET) team transports babies to and from our hospital in San Diego, Imperial County, and Hawaii. CHET costs $2,815 per transport, of which only $230 is covered by insurance, creating a $2,585 shortfall for each baby CHET brings to Rady Children’s.

Every donation helps keep our NICU Transportation program strong and available to families in need.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care program provides chaplains and resources for spiritual support to patients and families during their hospitalization. Children and families often look to their spiritual beliefs and practices as a source of strength and perspective, and a way to help them cope during difficult times.

The chaplains are respectful of all spiritual beliefs and each family’s faith community to assist them in finding support, encouragement, comfort and hope. Chaplains provide bereavement support and spiritual counseling to help with the grief and pain of the loss of a child. The cost to run the program is $753 per day.

Your gift has special meaning to our patients and families.

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